Power of Positive Thinking

Hello all! I had such a great weekend, and I hope all of you did too. This weekend I had so many good thoughts running through my head as my hubby and I hiked and climbed and played with our new RC cars, that I thought I would share some good thoughts with everyone.

About a month ago I was listening to a Marriage ‘Tele-retreat’ put on by The Dating Divas (P.S you should totally check out their website it is one of my faves). The first speaker was Hillary Weeks, a Christian music artist and motivational speaker. She talked about the power of positive thinking and introduced her new project billionclicks.org. You have to go and listen to her story it is so funny and insightful and it really inspired me to join her in spreading a billion ‘clicks’ around the world.

So here’s the deal, you need one of these little clickers (available on their website), mine is pink because I’m crazy for pink.

These are just simple sports counters or people counters or whatever else people use them for.

Now all you have to do is carry your little clicker around with you and every time you have a positive/uplifting/funny/happy thought you click your little clicker. Then at the end of each Day/week/month/whatever you log onto the billionclicks.org website and enter how many clicks you had. My first day clicking I had 201 clicks and I was blown away, I couldn’t believe that 201 times that day I had a good thought.

I have so much fun clicking with my little pink clicker and carrying it around with me on its little pink wrist band that I couldn’t help but share it with my friends here.

It really is amazing that when you are paying attention to all the good things you think about during the day that it actually lifts your spirits and it also has a profound effect on the people around you. My hubby will actually come up and click my clicker every time he sees me smile or every time I tell him a joke. Not only that, but, when I started clicking and counting my good thoughts I could tell that it had an effect on him too. He would see that I was in a good mood that would put him in a good mood (besides who doesn’t love when their spouse has good thoughts?)

Some Ideas for Clicking

  • When exercising
  • While cleaning
  • When listening to toddlers having a temper tantrum
  • When you’re really tired but you HAVE to finish this one term paper
  • When you are so happy you can’t imagine having a bad thought (Man I need a few of these days)
  • When you don’t feel like going to the gym
  • When you don’t feel like going anywhere
  • When you know your husband is totally wrong but you know he won’t believe you if you tell him
  • When you are watching “101 Dalmatians” for the 101st time

These of course are just a few of my favorite times for clicking.

I would love to hear if any of you have joined this movement so make sure you leave a comment or like me on face book.

Thanks for reading!

Random Pictures of Life

Whew, now that finals are over I can finally get back to my blog.

I thought I would start off this week with a peek into what my life was like last week.

My week started off like this, Hubby and I got breakfast at our local McDonald’s (It’s not the best breakfast but it was the only one open when we left the house that morning)

This is what the school looked like when I got there, yes it was too early for anyone to be there but me.

A long day of classes in this incredibly stimulating environment.

Most people don’t like the industrial feel of UVU’s architecture but I think it is important to remember the industrial beginnings. plus it’s pretty.

And then it was the weekend. On weekdays we are up too early to see the sun coming through the window, so I really enjoyed waking up to some natural light.

After which we got what I like to call an all-weekend drink, I never finish mine but I like to bring out my hillbilly side every once in a while.

Then I had the privilege of mailing my FAFSA application, I like to think of it as my own personal government bailout.

It has been windy and rainy and cold so I indulged in a warm tea in my favorite mug.

After which we finished off the weekend with some yard work at the in-laws, where we found a robins nest.

Ah, what a wonderful weekend.

See ya’ll next time.


Make it fit: Bra Measurment

This week I have been thinking about buying a new bra, so I went online and have been looking for one that would fit me the best. But the first thing I had to do was measure and see if I am the same size I was when I bought my last bra, and this is when it came to me. I bet there are some women out there that don’t know how to properly measure themselves for a bra. So I thought I’d share.

This headless manikin has been so wonderful as to pose as a model for me (sorry for the white on white).

Alright let’s get started. the first thing you want to do is measure just under your bust (marked by the yellow line), make sure you write it down so you don’t have to measure over and over. mine is 38″. this will be the band size.

Next you will measure at the widest point of your bust (over the nipples, marked by the orange line), Again make sure you write it down. mine is 44″

also it helps if you have someone who can help or even in front of a mirror to make sure that the measuring tape is in the right spot or else you’ll end up with the wrong measurements.

Next you will take the band measurement (under the bust) and subtract it from the bust measurement. (44″-38″=6) for every two inches of difference it is another cup size up for example 2″ difference is A, 4″difference is B, 6″ difference is C, and so on.

I hope this helps someone out there.


The Friday Journal

I’m not an avid traveler, and I’ve never been outside of the United States, but I am a dreamer. Today I thought I’d share a few places I’ve been .

I’ve been to Utah, of course, because I’ve lived here my entire life. so this is where I’ll start.

Personally I favor the old slogan (Still The Right Place) because this one makes it sound like everyone is high.

As for my travels. when I was about ten-years-old my aunt in California got married. So the whole family (plus my grandparents went to california. not my favorite state but I’d never been anywhere else so it was exciting.

I still don’t think much about california, but I did get to visit the beach the second time we went down there, so that was nice.

but onto the real travels.

In 2010 right before my 17th birthday Doc’s family invited me to go to their family reunion in Florida. (Remember we live in Utah, that’s clear on the other side of the country) I was so super psyched!

On the way there we went to

As soon as we crossed the border there were tons of places to buy fireworks…. and we did. Doc bought like $75 dollars worth of fireworks (many of wich we still own and are now legal in Utah)

After Wyoming we visited Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma (I can only spell this one if I sing it in my head) on the way to Doc’s Grandparents in Texas.

I enjoyed texas, although it was really hot and humid, but I got used to it, plus I was taking a lot of Dramamine (I get car sick really easy. My mother didn’t call me throw-up-baby for nothing) so I hardly notices. We stayed on night with Grandma and Grandpa before getting back on the road again. Grandma made biscuits and Cocoa Gravy for breakfast. It is so delicious! After leaving Grandma and Grandpa we stopped at a gas station and Doc’s mom and dad got a few scratch off lottery tickets just for fun. They gave one to me and I won like $7. It’s dangerous for me to gamble or play the lottery because I always win.

After we left Texas we headed through Louisiana.

(I tried Google translate but it wouldn’t translate the words underneath)

I am not a fan of Louisiana. It was dirty and it smelled funny and I felt all uncomfortable while I was there.

After Louisiana we went through Mississippi and Alabama before we finally made it to florida.

The first thing we did when we got there was, buy some real Florida Oranges! they were so good! After the oranges we found a hotel in Gainsville (This is where Doc was born and where his parents lived before they moved to Utah)

these are the only two substansial trips I have ever been on but I have also been to Navada and Idaho. I cant wait to travel some more. One thing I wish I’d done is take more pictures. I feel like I should have had some pictures with the people I met and the things I did and of other family members. So from now on I’m going to try to take pictures of everything, (as long as I can remember to charge my cameras more often.

Well I hoped you enjoyed taking this little stroll down memory lane with me.


First Something Crafty!

For the first ‘Something Crafty’ post I thought I’d share a cute paper flower I found on pinterest here. I thought they were super cute and I have been on a sort of paper/fabric flower frenzy lately. Of course being me I had to find a cheaper/faster/easier, way to make them. So here is my version (Which is very similar) but make sure you visit her site to see the original.

First, cut 4 circles from cardstock, it can be any color I just happened to be fond of pink (if you haven’t noticed), and 4 circles from newspaper. The original blogger used story book pages but because I’m cheap I decided I’d recycle some old newspapers I’ve collected from school. Also when you cut the news paper make sure you get just the words on both sides, pictures can be distracting from the overall look.

Next I scalloped the edges to make them look like flowers, then I crumpled them up into little balls and flattened them back out to give them a little texture.

Next I stacked them alternating cardstock and newspaper. I added a little dot of tacky glue to hold them together until the last step.

Then I used a needle and thread to sew a button in the middle to hold all the layers together.

I thought this was super cute.

I hope you all enjoyed it.

Don’t forget to come back on friday to see my first ‘Friday Journal’


A Blog Epiphany

I just had a blog Epiphany! I am super organized in almost every part of my life except my blog! So I thought it was high time I sit down and have a good old-fashioned talk with myself and ask myself where I wanted this whole blog thing to go.

I want people to be inspired by my blog the same way I am inspired by others’ blogs.

What am I going to do about it?

I’m gonna get organized.

How am I gonna do that?

A schedule.

Monday= Meckaniky Monday. if any of you have read my very first blog post you would know that my husband is a mechanic and I am constantly learning new things from him about cars and I figure it’s about time I share my knowledge with everyone.

Wednesday= Something Crafty whether it is sewing or a yummy dinner or decorating or just a little craft I would like to share my cool crafts with everyone and hopefully get back into my crafty side (I’ve been on a craft sabbatical since I got married)

Friday= The Friday Journal. This is where I will give you a the low down on my week and hopefully something inspirational.

Saturday/Sunday= Whatever, Whenever Weekend. I will do the occasional saturday or sunday post with some interesting and random content/pictures.

I’m also looking to soup up my blog with some new fonts/pictures/guest post/ideas so keep viewing to see the evolution.