Higher Standards

It’s no mystery to my family and close friends that one of my favorite movies of all time is “Easy A”. In this movie Olive (played by Emma Stone, who is also one of my favorite actresses) is a clean-cut high school student, she isn’t a nerd by she isn’t popular either. her best friend invites her to go camping with her weird hippie family, so to get out of it she says she has a date. When the weekend is over and her fiend comes after her for lying she tells her that she had sex with the boy she went out with. This rumor spreads around the school and soon everyone knows and either likes her or hates her. One day she calls another girl in her class a t***

Which leads me to one of my favorite scenes in the movie

not that, that really had anything to do with what I’m actually saying it’s just funny. For those of you who haven’t seen it you definitely should. I am constantly fascinated by the way our society functions. When a man has sex with hundreds of women, he becomes a “Playa” which is a good thing and his societal status doesn’t change much. One the other hand if a woman has sex with even five or six different men she is instantly a slut and is looked down upon untill her geographical location changes and erases her past.

I was talking about this with a friend of mine who said that it was unfair that we thought of women this way (although she admitted to thinking this way herself). But I have a different opinion. First of all I think there always has to be a double standard with males and females, because, well, we’re different (Before all of my feminist readers burn me at the stake listen to the rest of my argument). Second, I find it flattering that women are held to a higher standard than men.

People assume that women should act more lady like and they are more respected when they do so. Most people would say “Why should we have to work harder than men do, to gain respect” I believe that women are seen as a higher power in this world so when they make mistakes it is more obvious and so people jump on that more, where as we simply expect bad results from men.

So for my closing argument I think it is a good thing that we, as women need to work harder to gain and keep respect because then we will deserve all that we do get.

And for a little bit of closing funny, I recently discovered nicepeter on youtube and thought I would share….. cause it’s funny.




Dear, Utah Department Of Transportation

I would just like you to know that for the last two years you have done nothing but make my life miserable. you’ve trapped me in my driveway with construction cones you’ve closed off roads essential to my driving and made it completely impossible to walk anywhere.

Then during the winter months you have either refused to plow the roads around my house or plowed the snow right into my freshly shoveled driveway or even worse you covered my mailbox with snow resulting in a “Nasty Gram” from the mailman.

Not only that but you have spent money on everything but fixing the potholes resulting in damage to my car, then blocking main street where my car repair shop is so that I can’t even get it fixed.

You have plagued my freeway commute with more road construction and a 55 mile per hour speed limit making my drive last 20 minutes longer than it should and you are constantly changing the on and off ramps and traffic patterns causing severe distress and confusion and another 20 minutes to my drive time.

Which leads me to this morning’s incident. It was a normal morning and everything was going okay. The weather was nice so Doc and I decided to leave the house at 6:00 instead of 5:45 thinking that it wouldn’t take as long to get to school. Then all of the sudden we realized that the exit we use was no longer there. we drove right on past and never saw any signs, there were no cars exiting because I believe they were just as confused as us.

All this resulted in my hubby being late for work. But I guess it is our fault for thinking that the roads would be in the same spot they were yesterday.



Soul Music

Today is my honey’s birthday! I am so excited, I got him this great pair of shoes form Adidas that he loved, he told me we have to do something tonight so he can wear them somewhere out of the house…. As long as the weather is dry, because he doesn’t want to get them dirty. He is so adorable. It’s days like this when I really wish I didn’t have to go to school so I could stay home and bake him a cake –sigh- but instead we will take his parents out for some desert tonight.

So anyway, I was thinking yesterday (While watching a sitcom/drama on Netflix) about how music has a real impact on our moods and behaviors. I can think back on every milestone or challenge I had in my life and what song I was listening too.

I thought I would share my life through some music.

The first I remember was when I was little and my mother would always play 80’s music in the car (I used to get really car sick) and when she would turn on the radio in the house (usually because we were cleaning) I would get sick. I hadn’t made the connection till a little while ago but I realized that my brain was associating that music with the feeling of being car sick. And this is the song I remember the most.

“Julio” Paul Simon

Then I remember when I was a little older and decided to listen to what the kids at school were listening too (boy was that a mistake) and this is what it was.

Brittnay spears “One more time”

Then when I was a little older I started branching out and listening to what I found on my own

Fall out boy “sugar we’re going down swinging”

Then I went through a country phase and this was my favorite song

Brad Paisley “Tics”

Then when I had my first heart break cause the guy I liked started dating someone else

Taylor Swift “Should’ve said no”

Then when I met my husband

Big and rich “Lost in this moment with you”

I don’t really have a song right now but I think it’s interesting how music can get right into out heads and make us feel a certain way intensify a feeling we are already having

thanks  for reading and listenting. I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my weird and crazy mind.

Well that’s jane’s crazy thought for the day.

Signing off.


good morning friends!

This morning when I got up to  put together some lunch for my honey I sat down and got our my laptop and the first thing I did was get onto my blog to see if I had any views…. and it hit me. I am a blog-o-holic!(don, don, don). I am completely obsessed with finding out what is on my blog and who is interested in reading what I have to say.

So in light of my recent discovery I decieded to share a few of my new favorite blogs with you all so we can be blog-o-holics together, these are just some fun blogs to read and a few with a lot of cute DIY ideas (since I am also addicted to DIY-ing)


I found this blog while I was looking for some decore for my upcoming “Birthday Tailgate” party and thought they were super cute!!! But maybe not for the manly football party. I also thought these would make exhalent dusters if I attach them to a stick of some kind.


I love this blog. You HAVE to read the ear piercing story. I was rolling on the floor laughing! Which probably looked a little strange in the middle of a university hallway.

I love molten lava cake so when I saw this it just had to be included. It looks so yummy!


I am a huge DIY-er. If there is anything I need that I can make better and/or cheaper I will go for it and I love this Idea, mostly because I hate finding random dryer sheets all over my hose.


I love to alter clothing. I would rather alter something I have than buy something new (although I do love to buy new clothes) and this post is fabulous!


So I don’t have any babies yet and as far as I know it’s not going to be any time soon. But I like to keep my DIY/money saving ideas filed away close by in case the time would arise. And I love this idea. When my husband and I started talking about having babies I looked into cloth diapers in order to save money (not that we need to, I just like to save if I can make something myself) I read several comments on these homemade baby wipes and everyone that has tried them loves them and they save a bundle. I can’t wait to try it myself!!


I originally was reading this blog for the deck of card Idea but I also found an idea for a wreath so I decided to include them both cause they are way cute!


This Idea I originally wanted for the Tailgate next weekend so I am hoping to find some old ratty t-shirts I can form into at least one dress for the party. Although they desperately need some sleeves.


So a little while back I was watching my favorite channel (TLC) and  a family on one of their shows made their own laundry soap, so I thought I would try it myself….. it was a disaster. It was a lot of work for not a lot of reward and it didn’t clean my clothes very well. So when I came across this pinterest.com post I was a tiny bit skeptical. But after reading all the comments about how well it washed and how easy and cheap it was, I am so going to try this.

So that is all of the links I have come across lately that are worth sharing.

Today is the fist day since this semester has started that I have had a chance to sit down and make a list of all the things I need to get done around my nest, and boy is it a long list. It has been so long since I have done laundry I honestly don’t have any clean clothes to wear while I am cleaning my clothes. And my bedroom still hasn’t recovered form the work I did to get my portfolio ready for my interview (I should be hearing back from the lady I interviewed with either today or tomorrow! I am so excited!). so since I finished all my homework this morning I can finally get around to my house.

Hope you all have a great day!!


Utah vs. Polygamy

So I realize that when people say Utah and “Teen Bride” together in the same scentance they are usually referring to polygamists. So I thought I should show everyone what real Utah polygamists look like (although they live in Nevada now)

I wrote this post for another blog that I used for a class and no longer update, but since the people in my class liked it so much I thought I should just post it here and see what you all thought of it.

I don’t know about any of you but I like to watch T.V. Especially the TLC channel, I just can’t get enough of the happy endings. Although there is one show that has bothered me just a little, “Sister Wives” is about a family living in Lehi, Utah (literally just down the street from where I grew up, one of their kids went to high school with my husband) who just happen to be members of the FLDS church (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint. Not to be confused with the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints) where Polygamy is still a common practice.

Now Polygamy has been illegal in Utah for over 100 years, ever since the “Mormons” came to the Utah valley, so when this show went public and the Lehi City Police Department found out about them, the family was surprised that there was an investigation into their family.

WELL DUH!! When you do something illegal and broadcast it on national television then the authorities are going to find out about it.

Lets get something straight right now,I don’t believe in polygamy. Having said that, as much as I think that the reality show was a mistake I also have no problem with them practicing polygamy. I have a personal moral belief that polygamy is wrong but I also don’t believe that is should be a felony to practice it. I personally believe that the government has no right to but in on a religious practice and marriage is a religious practice.

Polygamy is a victimless crime and I think that it should be legalized. Now before you all bring up the Warren Jeffs trials I would like to point out a big difference between the “Sister Wives” nad Warren Jeffs. Warren Jeffs was a child molester that married young girls and raped them and allowed other men in his congregation to do so. Chile rape is wrong, however Kody Brown has married adults. These women were all over the age of 18 when they were married, they were all by law consenting adults. Nobody gets hurt by this, and if the wives don’t like it they can divorce him after all they chose this life.

I think by making this practice legal, we can bring it into the light. Often times when a certain practice has to be hidden from the rest of the world it will fester like an open wound and creates bad things. However if it is brought into the light it can be regulated and somewhat controlled. similar to the marijuana debate, if we legalize it and bring it out of the deep dark hole its living in we can tax it and make sure that it is only going to the consenting adults of appropriate age.

I do like the “Sister Wives” and I will continue watching it.

Well that’s all for now


What a Day

Good morning everyone! So yesterday was an exciting and busy day. First I had to drop hubby off at work and take the car to get it inspected. But right before I was about to leave the lady from “Close To My Heart” called and asked me if I had time for an interview. I was so excited. So when I got there I had a half hour to put together a card for them and then they looked through my portfolio. I feel like it all went really well! She said she would let me know by the end of the week either way. Then I had to go and deal with all the “Rocket Scientists” that work at Jiffy Lube. Ugh! I’m never taking my car there again they are such a waste of my time and money. Then when I got home my father-in-law told me the Super Bowl XLVI(45) isn’t on till the 5th so I had to postpone our tailgate party till then.

And guess what!! This weekend my husband and I are going to look at apartments this weekend!!! I am so excited. We will no longer be squatting in my in-laws basement. I will be able to decorate and use all my new kitchen gadgets and my new-never-used-fluffy towels. I am so excited. Although I am super excited to move I realized how much stuff we need that we don’t have, like silverware and a can opener. I think before we move into and apartment I should go through all of my wedding gifts and take inventory so I know exactly what we need. And then I will take a trip to IKEA, because I love them.

Another recent development I am starting Weight Watchers again. I stopped before because it was too hard to keep track of my points when I wasn’t around a computer all the time. But now I have a smart phone so I can keep track with their app. I am so excited. I have 20 pounds to lose to get me to my goal weight of 180lbs. wish me luck!

And if anyone has any advice on moving, feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading


I <3 Party Planning

So the Super Bowl is on Sunday and I am super excited because my mother-in-law and I have decided to plan a joint “Tailgate” Birthday party for my husband (whose birthday is this Friday) and my father-in-law (whose birthday was on the 18th) because they are huge football fans!

This is going to be totally DIY and as cheap as tastefully possible. Any way I will share my plans.

First thing I did was send out e-vites, (although I didn’t really need to because we’re only inviting his parents and my parents) I got a really sweet design from e-vite.com, Doc picked out the actual invitation. I Titled it “Birthday Tailgate”.

Mom-In-Law and I planned the menu together and we’re going shopping on Wednesday. We’re making “Garlic Bread Pork” sandwhiches. We found the recipe in a Rachel Ray Everyday magazine. And I will post it when I post pictures.

I am also making a double chocolate cake with chocolate truffle filling and cream cheese frosting I am going to decorate it with a football field and I am going to try to find some little football guys to put on it.

I am going to try to find a cheerleader outfit or a football jersey to wear to be more football themed outfit and I am gioing to make some pom-poms for the girls to cheer with. I think it will be super fun!

I think I will make some pennants and get some balloons and streamers and make a table cloth that looks like a football field and I am going to make some cute football themed names and label all the foods.

I am super excited! And I cant wait to share all the pictures and plans with you guys!

P.S I put together my portfolio and I am going to turn it in tomorrow. Wish me luck!