This morning in English class there was a somewhat-heated debate about a recent “tweet” by a member of the student government. In which he posted some song lyrics that were frankly insensitive to the female population here at Utah Valley University. So during English I got online and tried to find out as much as I could about what happened and what was written. The tweet that they found most discriminating were these

Now it is true that all of these are offensive, I am personally offended by these. However, I think the students are blowing this way out of purportion. I have never personnally met this kid but from what I here from most people is that he is a good guy.

I think that thre are some things that he should think twice about before he posts. But maybe there are other things to spend our time on (like I dunno, finals that are coming up in three weeks) as well as our funding.

Also I think that the faculty members that have decided to join this “club,”(or whatever they call themselves) need to step away. there is no reason that ANY teachers need to get involved with such a petty and childish ordeal. If the students want to waste their time going after this kid, fine, but the professors need to remain ambiguous. it is unfair that they should gang up on a student like that. after all these people are supposed to be our mentours to shelter us into this new and unknown world, not show us how to take a person and wring out every single bit of dignity they have. In fact I am more insulted that a profesor would jump into something so petty and gang up on this poor kid, than I am about the tweets.

I mean, am I wrong about any of this?  Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong.


Color festival 2012

The colorfestival was amazing!! I think everyone should visit at least one color festival during your life time. I posted a while ago about the traditions of the Color Festival or Holi, after I had done a little bit of research. so now I thought I’d show you a little bit of what my experience was like.

First just to add a little bit of perspective. This is what we looked like before.

This picture was taken at about 9am and then this is what we looked like around 1pm

Sorry this picture is so dark but the sun decided to take a break for the rest of the afternoon.

at one point Doc lifted me up on his shoulders and this is what the crowed looked like behind us.

We were positioned in the middle of the crowed about 15 yards from the stage where they played Krishna music that actually wasn’t half bad. this picture was taken about 5 minutes before the first throwing.

a throwing is when the entire crowed throws a handfull of “Colors” into the air at the same time. A cloud of smoke rises fromt he crowed and litterally blocks out the sun and if you don’t have a mask or bandana over your mouth you cannot breath.

this festival is a truely amazing experience, when your there really all bounderies between race, social class or economic classes dissappear because you cant even tell one person from another. In fact we came across one of Doc’s good friends, he walked over to say hi and his friend didn’t recognize him for a full 15 seconds. Then between bands the organizer of this event came on and was shouting random things trying to get the crowed worked up and he told everyone in the audience to “hug 20 strangers” so everyone decided to give everyone else hugs. Now I have a strict no touching rule but when your in this kind of situation it really doesn’t matter.

My sisters came to hand out with us while we were there (mainly because my mother wouldn’t let them go alone and neither of them have drivers licenses) and we had a blast.

Well technically Ami isn’t my sister (she’s an exchange student from Japan) but she is deffinitly part of our family.

well that is all the pictures I took becuase I forgot to charge our cameras the night before, but we are planing on going back next year and there will be more pictures.

Chai Tea

I love Chai Tea! but going out to Beany’s (Beany’s on State St. American Fork, UT has the BEST Chai Tea Lattes!) every day or even a couple times a week gets to be a little expensive. So being the stubborn DIY’r that I am I went in search of a new way to get my “Chai Fix” at home. And through a range of experiments and a few hours on Pinterest between classes I finally found one that I like.

So here it is.

Jane’s Chai Tea Latte


  • Chai Spice tea bags
  • ¾ cup water for each tea bag
  • 1½  cup water
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ½  teaspoon ground ginger
  • ¼  teaspoon ground allspice
  • ¼  cup packed brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons vanilla
  • 2 cup milk


Put ¾ c water into a microwave safe mug with Chai Spice Tea Bag. Microwave for 1:30 until just before boiling (Be careful because I seem to over microwave things and it gets all over the inside of my microwave).  Take out of microwave and set aside. (you may want to reheat the tea after you’ve finished with the rest cause it gets a little cold. Or add ice for Iced Chai Latte.)

In a sauce pan, boil water. Add cinnamon, ginger and allspice and dissolve. Add sugar until dissolved. Add vanilla and milk and bring to a boil. Add to tea.

This recipe makes about 6 servings, so I like to put the rest in the fridge.

Just remember if you put a glass jar full of hot liquid in the refrigerator it will break and the rest of the mixture will go all over an you’ll spend the next half hour cleaning it up…… Not that I did that or anything……

I Hope you all like it.

Thanks for reading.


Holi, Color Festival

Next week my hubby and I are planning on attending the Holi/Color Festival in Spanish Fork Ut.

My brother went last year and had a lot of fun, plus we have been seeing a lot of pictures from last year on facebook. So I decided we should go. And like everything else I did my research on everything that goes on and the history and traditions behind the celebration. So here is a little bit of what I found in case anyone out there is thinking about joining in the fun.

Holi is a religiouse holiday celebrated by Hindus (and appearantly Harry Kerishnas, because the festival is actually at the karishna temple.)

The main day, Holi, is celebrated by people throwing scented powder and perfume at each other.  They light Bonfires the day before the festival, this is known as Holika Dahan (burning of Holika) or Chhoti Holi (little Holi). After the burning, holika dahan prayers are said and praise is offered.

Holi is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna (February/March), (Phalgun Purnima), which usually falls in the later part of February or March. This year it’s March, 24th.

In most areas, Holi lasts about two days. One of Holi’s biggest customs is the loosening strictness of social structures, which normally include age, sex, status, and caste. Holi closes the wide gaps between social classes and brings Hindus together. Also, Holi lowers the strictness of social norms. No one expects polite behavior, as a result the festival is loud and rambunctious and from what I hear there are a lot of body surfers.

Every year, thousands of Hindus (and non-Hindus, such as myself) participate in the festival Holi. The festival is celebrated for many reasons. First, it celebrates the beginning of the new season, spring. It also has a religious purpose, commemorating many events in Hindu mythology. Although it is the least religious holiday, it is probably one of the most exhilarating.

So now that I knew a little bit about why is was celebrated, I looked around for some cool pictures and I kept seeing pictures of fires and wondered why in the world that had to do with sprind and color.

and I was wondering what in the world this had to do with the color festival.

Hindu legends say, tell about a brutal King named Hiranyakashyapa. This demon king Hiranyakashyapa was very cruel and thus forcefully suppressed all this subjects and make them his devotees. He tried to eliminate the existence of God from the earth and establish his own supremacy everywhere. All the citizens of his kingdom were forced to pray to Hiranyakashyapa and not to Vishnu. However his own son, Prahalad, never abided by his Kingdoms rule. He tried every way to stop Prahalad from worshipping Vishnu but the little devotee never stopped praying his almighty.

Out of frustration and anger, the demon king then decided to kill his son. Despite all his efforts, Prahalad remained safe by the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Finally, Hiranyakashyapa decided to take help of his cruel demon sister Holika. Holika was blessed with a drape which protected her from burning into fire. The demon princess Holika sat with young Prahalad in a huge bowl of fire wearing the drape over her body. But this time, due to heavy wind the drape came over young Prahalada, saving him from burning and as a result Holika was burnt in fire and thus died on the spot.

I have always been interested in learning about different religions and thier traditions and holidays.

I am so escited to attend the festival!

I would love to know more, if anyone out there knows more about these traditions please comment.

Thanks for reading.

Budget is not a four letter word

My mother is a financial counselor, so while I was growing up my siblings and I learned a lot about budgeting debt and how to avoid bankruptcy. I though this was normal, I thought that everyone knew how to budget because it was just so simple and easy that, well, everyone should just be able to do it. Then I found out that budgeting and planning financial futures is like a foreign language to most people and if you don’t grow up learing about this stuff, it can be really difficult. So I thought I might share my little bit of knowledge with you all especially if you are just starting out and trying to balance your budget.

First of all if you are just starting out and you don’t know how much things cost (like when I tried to spend only $20 per week on groceries for two people…. just FYI, it’s impossible).

I got this table from it shows the national averages of what people/families are spending on basic living needs.

Expense One Person Two Persons Three Persons Four Persons
Food $300 $537 $639 $757
Housekeeping supplies $29 $66 $65 $74
Apparel & services $86 $162 $209 $244
Personal care products & services $32 $55 $61 $67
Miscellaneous $87 $165 $197 $235
Total $534 $985 $1,171 $1,377
More than four persons Additional Persons Amount
For each additional person, add to four-person total allowance: $262

These are not exact numbers for every single state and your house may spend more or less in each of these categories.

Now for actually setting up your budget I recommend actually sitting down and writing down each of your bills and how much they cost.

Here is a list of my household expenses to help you create yours. (The values are for a 1 month period)

  • Tithing/Charitable/religious donations
  • Saving (10% generally about $280)
  • Rent (864, including water, sewer and garbage)
  • Gas ($160  for our one car)
  • Utilities ($50 for 1,180 sq.ft.)
  • Groceries ($300 )
  • Prescriptions and over the counter medications ($50)
  • Car maintainance (We use this money to either do little repairs on our car or save the money in case we run into a larger repair) (about $100)
  • Car Insurance ($33 our car is still insured under his parents)
  • Cell Phone ($120, we share a family plan with his parents to keep costs down)
  • 401K/Health Insurance (This may be taken out of your paycheck by your employer)(130.36)
  • Life Insurance(Is absolutely necessary!!)($9.00, for $180,000.00 incoverage)
  • Entertainment ($50)
  • Tools (Unless you or your spouse is in a trade you may not have to include this in your budget)($150)
  • Renters Insurance ($16)

(Remember this is my personal household of only 2 people, your budget amounts may vary.)

I would like to mention Life insurance and Disability insurance for just a second. the average cost of a funeral in the U.S is

According to the National Funeral Directors Association an average funeral will cost about $7,750 not including a head stone, burial plot or obituary.

Also depending on your age and marital status you might want to decide on how long you want your family to be able to live on the insurance.

Also disability insurance (especially if you are the major money-maker) is important because if you are seriously injured or disabled you will need to be able to pay medical costs and possibly in home care costs depending on your injuries.

Whew! now that you have all that stuff worked out, you have to do the math.

so add up all your expenses and deduct this from your NET pay (Net pay is how much money you get after taxes)

now look at the total, if the number is more zero or above, you are in good shape if your number is below zero you might want to consider adjusting your budget.

If you need some help or advice I would like to recommend my favorite financial counselor.

Sherri Overby, AFC

Here is her contact info incase you need it and she gives free advice over the phone.

Globous Financial Relief

 1775 West 1500 South

 Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

   (866) 977-0555 (toll-free)

 (801) 977-0555

  Fax: (801) 977-3999

or you can visit her website

Thanks for reading.


Evil Cable Company

It has been a crazt week and I haven’t had a spare moment (well at least none where I had access to internet) to blog. Hubby and I are still looking for the right internet provider. speaking of wich. I though I would share with you all my recent run-in with a “Dish Network” representative.

This is how our phone call went

Him: “Hello this is —- (I don’t remember his name), how can I help you”

Me: “I just got this mailer this morning and I was wondering about your $19.99 plan”

Him: “Oh, that’s just our basic local channels. What channels are you looking for”

Me: “Um… we were thinking about AMC, TLC, Life, HGTV, ESPN and Fuel”

Him: “Well then you’ll want our $24.99 plan it has all those plus movie channels for free for three months”

Me: “Hmmm… I’ll have to think about it, thank you though.”

Him: “So you don’t really care about what you’re watching as long as it’s cheap” -click- he hung up on me.

totally uncalled for. I was being very polite. I know that they work on commission but I wasn’t about to pay for something that I couldn’t afford just because he wanted me to and I ended the conversation as soon as I knew I wasn’t going to purchase.

Now after having that conversation there is no way that I am going to purchase anything from them and I am going to tell all of my friends and family about it so they don’t purchase anything from them either.

I know that I can’t single-handedly make everyone not want to purchase anything from those people but hopefully my voice can make a difference.