Color festival 2012

The colorfestival was amazing!! I think everyone should visit at least one color festival during your life time. I posted a while ago about the traditions of the Color Festival or Holi, after I had done a little bit of research. so now I thought I’d show you a little bit of what my experience was like.

First just to add a little bit of perspective. This is what we looked like before.

This picture was taken at about 9am and then this is what we looked like around 1pm

Sorry this picture is so dark but the sun decided to take a break for the rest of the afternoon.

at one point Doc lifted me up on his shoulders and this is what the crowed looked like behind us.

We were positioned in the middle of the crowed about 15 yards from the stage where they played Krishna music that actually wasn’t half bad. this picture was taken about 5 minutes before the first throwing.

a throwing is when the entire crowed throws a handfull of “Colors” into the air at the same time. A cloud of smoke rises fromt he crowed and litterally blocks out the sun and if you don’t have a mask or bandana over your mouth you cannot breath.

this festival is a truely amazing experience, when your there really all bounderies between race, social class or economic classes dissappear because you cant even tell one person from another. In fact we came across one of Doc’s good friends, he walked over to say hi and his friend didn’t recognize him for a full 15 seconds. Then between bands the organizer of this event came on and was shouting random things trying to get the crowed worked up and he told everyone in the audience to “hug 20 strangers” so everyone decided to give everyone else hugs. Now I have a strict no touching rule but when your in this kind of situation it really doesn’t matter.

My sisters came to hand out with us while we were there (mainly because my mother wouldn’t let them go alone and neither of them have drivers licenses) and we had a blast.

Well technically Ami isn’t my sister (she’s an exchange student from Japan) but she is deffinitly part of our family.

well that is all the pictures I took becuase I forgot to charge our cameras the night before, but we are planing on going back next year and there will be more pictures.


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