Random Pictures of Life

Whew, now that finals are over I can finally get back to my blog.

I thought I would start off this week with a peek into what my life was like last week.

My week started off like this, Hubby and I got breakfast at our local McDonald’s (It’s not the best breakfast but it was the only one open when we left the house that morning)

This is what the school looked like when I got there, yes it was too early for anyone to be there but me.

A long day of classes in this incredibly stimulating environment.

Most people don’t like the industrial feel of UVU’s architecture but I think it is important to remember the industrial beginnings. plus it’s pretty.

And then it was the weekend. On weekdays we are up too early to see the sun coming through the window, so I really enjoyed waking up to some natural light.

After which we got what I like to call an all-weekend drink, I never finish mine but I like to bring out my hillbilly side every once in a while.

Then I had the privilege of mailing my FAFSA application, I like to think of it as my own personal government bailout.

It has been windy and rainy and cold so I indulged in a warm tea in my favorite mug.

After which we finished off the weekend with some yard work at the in-laws, where we found a robins nest.

Ah, what a wonderful weekend.

See ya’ll next time.



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