Power of Positive Thinking

Hello all! I had such a great weekend, and I hope all of you did too. This weekend I had so many good thoughts running through my head as my hubby and I hiked and climbed and played with our new RC cars, that I thought I would share some good thoughts with everyone.

About a month ago I was listening to a Marriage ‘Tele-retreat’ put on by The Dating Divas (P.S you should totally check out their website it is one of my faves). The first speaker was Hillary Weeks, a Christian music artist and motivational speaker. She talked about the power of positive thinking and introduced her new project billionclicks.org. You have to go and listen to her story it is so funny and insightful and it really inspired me to join her in spreading a billion ‘clicks’ around the world.

So here’s the deal, you need one of these little clickers (available on their website), mine is pink because I’m crazy for pink.

These are just simple sports counters or people counters or whatever else people use them for.

Now all you have to do is carry your little clicker around with you and every time you have a positive/uplifting/funny/happy thought you click your little clicker. Then at the end of each Day/week/month/whatever you log onto the billionclicks.org website and enter how many clicks you had. My first day clicking I had 201 clicks and I was blown away, I couldn’t believe that 201 times that day I had a good thought.

I have so much fun clicking with my little pink clicker and carrying it around with me on its little pink wrist band that I couldn’t help but share it with my friends here.

It really is amazing that when you are paying attention to all the good things you think about during the day that it actually lifts your spirits and it also has a profound effect on the people around you. My hubby will actually come up and click my clicker every time he sees me smile or every time I tell him a joke. Not only that, but, when I started clicking and counting my good thoughts I could tell that it had an effect on him too. He would see that I was in a good mood that would put him in a good mood (besides who doesn’t love when their spouse has good thoughts?)

Some Ideas for Clicking

  • When exercising
  • While cleaning
  • When listening to toddlers having a temper tantrum
  • When you’re really tired but you HAVE to finish this one term paper
  • When you are so happy you can’t imagine having a bad thought (Man I need a few of these days)
  • When you don’t feel like going to the gym
  • When you don’t feel like going anywhere
  • When you know your husband is totally wrong but you know he won’t believe you if you tell him
  • When you are watching “101 Dalmatians” for the 101st time

These of course are just a few of my favorite times for clicking.

I would love to hear if any of you have joined this movement so make sure you leave a comment or like me on face book.

Thanks for reading!