CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE BRIDE, has something for everyone. Meckaniky Mondays for those of us who would like to learn a little more about our cars and how to take care of them to keep them running longer and more efficiently (even more fuel efficient . Something Crafty on Wednesdays for a recipe, craft, organizing or cleaning advice that everyone can use not just housewives. The Friday Journal where you learn a little bit more about me, or even a guest post from another of my favorite bloggers. And last but not least Whatever Weekends, where I post anything that I can think of, whether it’s just a picture or a trip we’re taking or something that I saw out my window this is just for those random thoughts I have running around in my brain.

Now for a little bit ABOUT ME I was married 28 days after my 18th birthday. Hence the title, since then I have been learning how to be a wife. Recently teenage brides have come to my attention, not only because of my own situation, but because of a few T.V shows I have been watching about pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers. When these women are talked about the comments are always “it would suck to have so much responsibility at a young age” or “At 18 you should still be going out every night and partying not thinking about a family.” I thought this was really sad especially when some of my friends and family discouraged me from getting married for similar reasons. It’s like people don’t believe that you can be married and still have a fulfilling life. So I started my blog to change this paradigm. I want people to know that getting married isn’t the end of a young person’s life, rather, it is the beginning.

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