A Blog Epiphany

I just had a blog Epiphany! I am super organized in almost every part of my life except my blog! So I thought it was high time I sit down and have a good old-fashioned talk with myself and ask myself where I wanted this whole blog thing to go.

I want people to be inspired by my blog the same way I am inspired by others’ blogs.

What am I going to do about it?

I’m gonna get organized.

How am I gonna do that?

A schedule.

Monday= Meckaniky Monday. if any of you have read my very first blog post you would know that my husband is a mechanic and I am constantly learning new things from him about cars and I figure it’s about time I share my knowledge with everyone.

Wednesday= Something Crafty whether it is sewing or a yummy dinner or decorating or just a little craft I would like to share my cool crafts with everyone and hopefully get back into my crafty side (I’ve been on a craft sabbatical since I got married)

Friday= The Friday Journal. This is where I will give you a the low down on my week and hopefully something inspirational.

Saturday/Sunday= Whatever, Whenever Weekend. I will do the occasional saturday or sunday post with some interesting and random content/pictures.

I’m also looking to soup up my blog with some new fonts/pictures/guest post/ideas so keep viewing to see the evolution.



Married with Roommates

So this past week my husband learned that his best friend was being kicked out of his current living quarters to make room for another tenant. So of course being the ever-loving and wonderfully charitable man that he is. He told this friend that he could move into our spare bedroom (you know the one that I put all of our random possessions in, affectionately call ‘the island of misfit toys’). So my initial thought was “Heck NO!” I mean we just moved away from his parents house so we could have our privacy and now he wants to bring another GUY to live in our house INDEFINITELY But, he kept telling me “it’s the right thing to do” so of course I caved and he is moving in as soon as we get approval from our landlord.

And I had to break down and tell my mother (bracing myself for the storm of disapproval) not that I was necessarily scared…. I mean my mom was always the cool mom that let us do whatever we wanted as long as it wasn’t illegal or immoral. But she does have a way of letting us know of her ever-so-humble-opinion (which I guess is where I get my voice from) and lets just say I am all nervous again. I know K is a good guy, he’s clean, friendly, he has the same values as Doc and I so we know he wont have strange girls sleeping over, and he really has had a hard time lately. So in the end I think this will be a good thing. after all he’ll pay a third of the rent and utilities and possibly let me borrow his car (Doc and I are still sharing hence the awesome chance to save up for a car) every once in a while so we actually have food around to eat. So I’ve decided to be okay with this and just roll with the punches, not excited by any means but okay.

On a side note, the manager at our apartment complex asked me to apply for the assistant manager position. Which means I don’t have to go job hunting after the school year is over (which is in 21 days…. but who’s counting).

Thanks for reading,


Life in emoticons

Today has been pretty sucky and my emotions have been up and down. So I though to best illistrate my feelings I should use my facvorite emoticons.

4:30 am = o_O (only half awake and too tired to take a shower)

5:00 am = 😦 (time to wake up and in seriouse back pain)

6:00 am = :-/ (at school not to bad way tired)

8:23 am = >:-( (unhappy, someone stole the topic I was going to use for my paper so my professor made me change it.)

10:00 am = :’-( (I got another ‘D’ on homework and just about cired)

10:30 am = 😀 (super happy becaus I got a ‘B’ for the first time in this class)

10:51 am = >:-( + :’-( (I asked my professor for some help getting my grade up, his response was to try harder.)

11:00 am = :-/ (skip my public speaking course to run to the library)

11:15 am = :-! (I forgot my wallet so I don’t have my drivers license or student ID card)

12:00 am = 😛 (Totally fried and it’s only noon)

This has been an incredibly long day. and I still have papers to write one class to attend.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Baby Dream Book

Recently I was checking my e-mail and found a note from a website that I had used to help keep me organized while I was planning my wedding (theknot.com), It said “Congradulations! You’ve been married for 6 months! Now we would like to introduce you to our sister site thebump.com dedicated to all things pregnancy. I laughed out loud when I saw this (and I thought my fellow mormons were pushy when it comes to having kids).

But after a while of thinking and a few days of talking with my husband we decided that in fact it was time to add a little guy (or girl) to our little family. Besides now that I’m not working I have a TON of free time. So because… well…. because I am me I have started to obsess.

Yesterday Afternoon I went over to my mother’s house for some hot cocoa after sledding and found a box of my things that my grandmother had put together for me. I found the binder I used while planning my wedding, I went back and forth on it but in the end I brought it home. My mother had mentioned that even though it had “brideacess.com” plastered all over it I could cover it in fabric and reuse it for something else.

I loved this ideas because I was so attached to this binder and you could tell it had been well loved becuase it was dirty and the spine was ripping off. So after she left and my husband passed out on the floor I decided I am going to make it into my very own “Baby Dream” book.

I havn’t started just yet but I have an old t-shirt that has lip gloss stains all over it that I plan to use to cover the binder. I’ll post pictures when it is all done. Plus it has “Made With Love” on the front that I think is perfect for this occasion.

So hopefully this weekend I will be able to get an internet connection at my apartment this weekend so I can post when I’m at home too.

Thanks for reading.

Moving Day

It finally happened!! My hubby and I have moved out of my in-laws basement and have rented an apartment all by ourselves. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. although moving was a hassle (that I am not excited to repeat) I love my new apartment. I have almost finished unpacking I just have to find somewhere to put all of the stuff I have randomly stuffed in my bedroom.

I have a couple of tips for those of you that are considering moving anytime in the near future.

#1. Start packing early as to avoid a last-minute odds and ends box of which I have a few that still need sorting out.

#2. one thing I did that I loved was labeling all the boxes with the contents and which room it went in so that when my helpers could put the box right where it belonged and I didn’t have to do much rearranging.

#3. organize the kitchen first. This way you can go grocery shopping and put everything away with ease.

#4. bribe brothers and cousins with big muscles to help you carry in the big stuff (especially if you live on the third floor)

#5. borrow vans and trucks if you can to cut down on rental costs. My in-laws have a truck and my mother has a mini-van so between our three cars we were able to make one trip to and from.

#6. Buy doughnuts for the help. trust me they will be happier.

These are some things I wish I had done and a few things that I think I did pretty well.

Now today after Doc picks me up from school we have to go to the bank and find quarters so that I can do some laundry.

Thanks for reading.


Apartment Hunting

Hello again everyone. This weekend has been crazy busy. On saturday Doc and I planned to visit a few apartments in a couple different cities to see what city we wanted to live in and where exactly we wanted to live. Before we left the house we agreed that neither of us were going to get too excited and we weren’t going to make any decisions. Well that was at 8:00 in the morning and by lunch time we had narrowed it down to a couple of places we really liked. We couldn’t agree on which one to get since I wanted one and he wanted the other. So we made a “Pro, Con” list to both and decided the tie breaker would be the squarefootage. However while I was online looking up the square footage for the apartment I was parcial to I descovered TONS of bad reviews (and turns out it was income controlled and we make too much money to live there anyway). So I looked up Doc’s favorite and all the reviews were awesome and the management of those apartments actually responded to several of the complaints made in each review.

So today my job is to call the apartment manager and tell her that we want the apartment and ask a whole list of questions that Doc and I came up with last night before bed. I am super excited. I hope that they will prorate the rent since we didn’t live there for a whole week and we wont live there for a whole other week since we cant move until friday night/saturday morning. I’m glad we don’t actually have a lot of furnature because the apartment we want is on the third floor and no elevater.

Since I don’t have school tomorrow I have to start packing (depending on whether or not the phone call goes well). so I have been browsing the net looking for different tips on packing and checklists and things like that witch isn’t easy. I guess this is one of those things that you just have to figure out on your own.

I will let you all know how it goes.


What Feminism Did Wrong

One of my pet peeves is how the feminist movement has degenerated the role of men in our society. Don’t get me wrong I totally think that some things in the movement were necessary, but now we’ve gone to far. First I want to specifically address  the roles of dads in our society. Lets look at the center of most families social life TV-god bringer-of-all-knowledge (one of my favorite pass times as well, my professor even said that we should all watch television more often, but that’s not really the point). lets talk about some specific examples, we’ll start with “Everybody loves Raymond”

Ray (played by Ray Ramano) is the goofy father that is always getting in trouble. and at the end of the day his wife (Played by Patricia Heaton) comes along to fix everything, after she has given him a proper scolding and making sure that he knows how disappointed she was with him.

As displayed in the following video

There are several other shows that display this I just happen to be watching this show last night. Now I will loop this back to the feminism movement and make that part make sense.

Way back in when before the women’s rights movement began in 1848, men and women had their specific rolls and duties in American society. Men knew how to be men and women knew how to be women. This all changed when the feminists moved in. Feminism made women “stronger.” I found an interesting quote from by an unknown author “Never let the hand you hold, hold you down.” Reading this I tried to figure out exactly what she meant.

As I understand it, this person is referring to husbands “holding down” their wives down. I am right now wracking my brain for men I know that have ever tried to hold their wives back, starting with my grandma and grandpa who were married in the 50′s. Grandma was a stay-at-home mother that tended to their 8 children as was the custom back then. but she also had a ton of skills, she owned and managed most of the family businesses that my grandpa opened.

As I see it and from different sentiments given by self-proclaimed feminists, most of what the feminist movement did was give women a new way to look at their bodies. I found this horrifying quote by Susan B Anthony from her publication “The Revolution” Speaking about Abortion. “Guilty? Yes. No matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; But oh, thrice guilty is he who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime!”

As I understand it, she is saying that it is the man’s fault that women get abortions? Since when? Last time I checked it takes two to “tango.” (Not including rape, that is a different discussion all together.) If a man and woman decide to have sex that results in a child then they should take responsibility for the child. But not only men (Notice I said ‘only’ because they deserve HALF the blame) are responsible for making that child.

I believe that the likely hood of men that will stick around to take care of their unintended child drastically went down when abortion became more widely accepted, (remember this is my opinion and I have no ‘facts’ to back it up) because he didn’t “Have to.” By making this terrible deed acceptable it has given men a way out with no responsibility at all.

I am now going to start my own feminist group and our motto would be. “We have the power to hold men to a higher standard so that we are not hurt, we will take responsibility for all of our actions and accept ALL of the consequences. We will respect our bodies and also hold ourselves to a higher standard so that we can have a better life. And when the time comes we will start our families and be EQUAL partners with our husbands spreading the blame for all hurt EQUALLY between BOTH of us.”

Maybe that is a little much but I do think that as women we have a duty to help the men in our society. Our husbands, boyfriends, brothers, friends, fathers all need our help. God put man on the earth, then he gave man a gift, a woman to be a partner to him and to help him make good decisions. (P.S just because I said Eve was a gift I don’t mean that she was the property of Adam)

My last statement “Men are people too!”

This is Jane, Jumping off her soap box, and signing off.