A Blog Epiphany

I just had a blog Epiphany! I am super organized in almost every part of my life except my blog! So I thought it was high time I sit down and have a good old-fashioned talk with myself and ask myself where I wanted this whole blog thing to go.

I want people to be inspired by my blog the same way I am inspired by others’ blogs.

What am I going to do about it?

I’m gonna get organized.

How am I gonna do that?

A schedule.

Monday= Meckaniky Monday. if any of you have read my very first blog post you would know that my husband is a mechanic and I am constantly learning new things from him about cars and I figure it’s about time I share my knowledge with everyone.

Wednesday= Something Crafty whether it is sewing or a yummy dinner or decorating or just a little craft I would like to share my cool crafts with everyone and hopefully get back into my crafty side (I’ve been on a craft sabbatical since I got married)

Friday= The Friday Journal. This is where I will give you a the low down on my week and hopefully something inspirational.

Saturday/Sunday= Whatever, Whenever Weekend. I will do the occasional saturday or sunday post with some interesting and random content/pictures.

I’m also looking to soup up my blog with some new fonts/pictures/guest post/ideas so keep viewing to see the evolution.




good morning friends!

This morning when I got up to  put together some lunch for my honey I sat down and got our my laptop and the first thing I did was get onto my blog to see if I had any views…. and it hit me. I am a blog-o-holic!(don, don, don). I am completely obsessed with finding out what is on my blog and who is interested in reading what I have to say.

So in light of my recent discovery I decieded to share a few of my new favorite blogs with you all so we can be blog-o-holics together, these are just some fun blogs to read and a few with a lot of cute DIY ideas (since I am also addicted to DIY-ing)


I found this blog while I was looking for some decore for my upcoming “Birthday Tailgate” party and thought they were super cute!!! But maybe not for the manly football party. I also thought these would make exhalent dusters if I attach them to a stick of some kind.


I love this blog. You HAVE to read the ear piercing story. I was rolling on the floor laughing! Which probably looked a little strange in the middle of a university hallway.

I love molten lava cake so when I saw this it just had to be included. It looks so yummy!


I am a huge DIY-er. If there is anything I need that I can make better and/or cheaper I will go for it and I love this Idea, mostly because I hate finding random dryer sheets all over my hose.


I love to alter clothing. I would rather alter something I have than buy something new (although I do love to buy new clothes) and this post is fabulous!


So I don’t have any babies yet and as far as I know it’s not going to be any time soon. But I like to keep my DIY/money saving ideas filed away close by in case the time would arise. And I love this idea. When my husband and I started talking about having babies I looked into cloth diapers in order to save money (not that we need to, I just like to save if I can make something myself) I read several comments on these homemade baby wipes and everyone that has tried them loves them and they save a bundle. I can’t wait to try it myself!!


I originally was reading this blog for the deck of card Idea but I also found an idea for a wreath so I decided to include them both cause they are way cute!


This Idea I originally wanted for the Tailgate next weekend so I am hoping to find some old ratty t-shirts I can form into at least one dress for the party. Although they desperately need some sleeves.


So a little while back I was watching my favorite channel (TLC) and  a family on one of their shows made their own laundry soap, so I thought I would try it myself….. it was a disaster. It was a lot of work for not a lot of reward and it didn’t clean my clothes very well. So when I came across this pinterest.com post I was a tiny bit skeptical. But after reading all the comments about how well it washed and how easy and cheap it was, I am so going to try this.

So that is all of the links I have come across lately that are worth sharing.

Today is the fist day since this semester has started that I have had a chance to sit down and make a list of all the things I need to get done around my nest, and boy is it a long list. It has been so long since I have done laundry I honestly don’t have any clean clothes to wear while I am cleaning my clothes. And my bedroom still hasn’t recovered form the work I did to get my portfolio ready for my interview (I should be hearing back from the lady I interviewed with either today or tomorrow! I am so excited!). so since I finished all my homework this morning I can finally get around to my house.

Hope you all have a great day!!