First Something Crafty!

For the first ‘Something Crafty’ post I thought I’d share a cute paper flower I found on pinterest here. I thought they were super cute and I have been on a sort of paper/fabric flower frenzy lately. Of course being me I had to find a cheaper/faster/easier, way to make them. So here is my version (Which is very similar) but make sure you visit her site to see the original.

First, cut 4 circles from cardstock, it can be any color I just happened to be fond of pink (if you haven’t noticed), and 4 circles from newspaper. The original blogger used story book pages but because I’m cheap I decided I’d recycle some old newspapers I’ve collected from school. Also when you cut the news paper make sure you get just the words on both sides, pictures can be distracting from the overall look.

Next I scalloped the edges to make them look like flowers, then I crumpled them up into little balls and flattened them back out to give them a little texture.

Next I stacked them alternating cardstock and newspaper. I added a little dot of tacky glue to hold them together until the last step.

Then I used a needle and thread to sew a button in the middle to hold all the layers together.

I thought this was super cute.

I hope you all enjoyed it.

Don’t forget to come back on friday to see my first ‘Friday Journal’



Holi, Color Festival

Next week my hubby and I are planning on attending the Holi/Color Festival in Spanish Fork Ut.

My brother went last year and had a lot of fun, plus we have been seeing a lot of pictures from last year on facebook. So I decided we should go. And like everything else I did my research on everything that goes on and the history and traditions behind the celebration. So here is a little bit of what I found in case anyone out there is thinking about joining in the fun.

Holi is a religiouse holiday celebrated by Hindus (and appearantly Harry Kerishnas, because the festival is actually at the karishna temple.)

The main day, Holi, is celebrated by people throwing scented powder and perfume at each other.  They light Bonfires the day before the festival, this is known as Holika Dahan (burning of Holika) or Chhoti Holi (little Holi). After the burning, holika dahan prayers are said and praise is offered.

Holi is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna (February/March), (Phalgun Purnima), which usually falls in the later part of February or March. This year it’s March, 24th.

In most areas, Holi lasts about two days. One of Holi’s biggest customs is the loosening strictness of social structures, which normally include age, sex, status, and caste. Holi closes the wide gaps between social classes and brings Hindus together. Also, Holi lowers the strictness of social norms. No one expects polite behavior, as a result the festival is loud and rambunctious and from what I hear there are a lot of body surfers.

Every year, thousands of Hindus (and non-Hindus, such as myself) participate in the festival Holi. The festival is celebrated for many reasons. First, it celebrates the beginning of the new season, spring. It also has a religious purpose, commemorating many events in Hindu mythology. Although it is the least religious holiday, it is probably one of the most exhilarating.

So now that I knew a little bit about why is was celebrated, I looked around for some cool pictures and I kept seeing pictures of fires and wondered why in the world that had to do with sprind and color.

and I was wondering what in the world this had to do with the color festival.

Hindu legends say, tell about a brutal King named Hiranyakashyapa. This demon king Hiranyakashyapa was very cruel and thus forcefully suppressed all this subjects and make them his devotees. He tried to eliminate the existence of God from the earth and establish his own supremacy everywhere. All the citizens of his kingdom were forced to pray to Hiranyakashyapa and not to Vishnu. However his own son, Prahalad, never abided by his Kingdoms rule. He tried every way to stop Prahalad from worshipping Vishnu but the little devotee never stopped praying his almighty.

Out of frustration and anger, the demon king then decided to kill his son. Despite all his efforts, Prahalad remained safe by the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Finally, Hiranyakashyapa decided to take help of his cruel demon sister Holika. Holika was blessed with a drape which protected her from burning into fire. The demon princess Holika sat with young Prahalad in a huge bowl of fire wearing the drape over her body. But this time, due to heavy wind the drape came over young Prahalada, saving him from burning and as a result Holika was burnt in fire and thus died on the spot.

I have always been interested in learning about different religions and thier traditions and holidays.

I am so escited to attend the festival!

I would love to know more, if anyone out there knows more about these traditions please comment.

Thanks for reading.

Baby Binder continued

I am absolutely dying at home without any internet and I miss interacting with everyone! so to pass the time I have been working on my “Baby Binder” or “TTC Binder.” now that the outside of the binder is finished I thought I would share it with you.

I started with this t-shirt that I love but will never wear again because it has a ton of lipstick stains all over it (there was a tube of lip gloss in the dryer when this shirt was put in to dry). So now I finally have something to use it for. the shirt is a pale pink with “Made With Love” written on the front in white letters (I thought that was fitting).

So I laid the binder on top of the shirt over the letters and traced with a pencil. I left about 3/4in around the edges so I could fold them in.

I simply used tacky glue but you can use whatever adhesive you’d like.

I wanted to keep the window on the front of the binder so I used the hem on the bottom of the shirt to finish the edges. this way I didn’t have to finish any of the edges myself.

next I covered the inside of the binder. I added a little bit of ribbon on the left hand side because there were a few raw edges that needed to be covered.

To finish, I added a little sentiment to the pages using small letter stamps and dark blue ink.

And this is the finished product. I “laminated” it with some clear contact paper so it doesn’t get dirty.

I haven’t finished the inside yet, I am still thinking about what to put in it. so far I have a dry erase paper to write down all the baby names we like, and the first page when you open the binder says “remember! Prenatal Vitamin.”

I know I am a little crazy but I like to keep all my thoughts in well-organized binders. Now I am thinking a home binder with insurance info and appliance user manuals and shopping lists is next. I’ll let you know when I get there.

Thanks for reading.


Baby Dream Book

Recently I was checking my e-mail and found a note from a website that I had used to help keep me organized while I was planning my wedding (, It said “Congradulations! You’ve been married for 6 months! Now we would like to introduce you to our sister site dedicated to all things pregnancy. I laughed out loud when I saw this (and I thought my fellow mormons were pushy when it comes to having kids).

But after a while of thinking and a few days of talking with my husband we decided that in fact it was time to add a little guy (or girl) to our little family. Besides now that I’m not working I have a TON of free time. So because… well…. because I am me I have started to obsess.

Yesterday Afternoon I went over to my mother’s house for some hot cocoa after sledding and found a box of my things that my grandmother had put together for me. I found the binder I used while planning my wedding, I went back and forth on it but in the end I brought it home. My mother had mentioned that even though it had “” plastered all over it I could cover it in fabric and reuse it for something else.

I loved this ideas because I was so attached to this binder and you could tell it had been well loved becuase it was dirty and the spine was ripping off. So after she left and my husband passed out on the floor I decided I am going to make it into my very own “Baby Dream” book.

I havn’t started just yet but I have an old t-shirt that has lip gloss stains all over it that I plan to use to cover the binder. I’ll post pictures when it is all done. Plus it has “Made With Love” on the front that I think is perfect for this occasion.

So hopefully this weekend I will be able to get an internet connection at my apartment this weekend so I can post when I’m at home too.

Thanks for reading.

Super Bowl Party

This week has been crazy busy because we found an apartment and are working on moving in a little bit at a time before our “big move” this saturday. So I havn’t had a chance to show off the super bowl party pictures that I took of my amazing creativity.

This is the cake that I made. I made a simple cream cheese frosting in black, white and green and just spread it on the cake. I know the numbers are a little out of order. I put my husband’s name on one goal line and my father-in-law’s name on the other goal line because we were technically celebrating thier birthdays.

My mother-in-law and I put together this incredible spread (if I don’t say so myself) we made up a lot of the recipes for dips and things because both of us forgot to go shopping and  we didn’t have a lot of the things that we needed. But everything turned out deliciouse and we have left overs to eat as well.

I think this is my most clever of all. When Hubby and I went to the party store to pick up a ton of decorations he saw this chocolate football and just wanted it. so we bough it. I had no idea what I was going to do with it . It  was too big to put on the cake and to fragile to just sit on the table (not to mention that would be boring). So right before the party I had a gread Idea. I just grabbed a cup and stuffed two green napkins (to represent some kind of grass) in it and set the football on top. It turned out fabulouse! I call this my big win.

This room was perfect for my party because it was full of antique sports memorabillia. so I just added a few streamers to the cieling and in the middle was a plastic blow up football. I put this up the night before and it stayed all night. however it kept falling down and eventually right in the middle of the game the football and several streamers fell down on top of the guests, so next time I will wait till the day of.

I also grabbed some camp chairs to make it seem more “outdoorsy” and they are way more comfy to sit in than metal folding chairs.

Well that’s all for now.



Dear, Utah Department Of Transportation

I would just like you to know that for the last two years you have done nothing but make my life miserable. you’ve trapped me in my driveway with construction cones you’ve closed off roads essential to my driving and made it completely impossible to walk anywhere.

Then during the winter months you have either refused to plow the roads around my house or plowed the snow right into my freshly shoveled driveway or even worse you covered my mailbox with snow resulting in a “Nasty Gram” from the mailman.

Not only that but you have spent money on everything but fixing the potholes resulting in damage to my car, then blocking main street where my car repair shop is so that I can’t even get it fixed.

You have plagued my freeway commute with more road construction and a 55 mile per hour speed limit making my drive last 20 minutes longer than it should and you are constantly changing the on and off ramps and traffic patterns causing severe distress and confusion and another 20 minutes to my drive time.

Which leads me to this morning’s incident. It was a normal morning and everything was going okay. The weather was nice so Doc and I decided to leave the house at 6:00 instead of 5:45 thinking that it wouldn’t take as long to get to school. Then all of the sudden we realized that the exit we use was no longer there. we drove right on past and never saw any signs, there were no cars exiting because I believe they were just as confused as us.

All this resulted in my hubby being late for work. But I guess it is our fault for thinking that the roads would be in the same spot they were yesterday.



Soul Music

Today is my honey’s birthday! I am so excited, I got him this great pair of shoes form Adidas that he loved, he told me we have to do something tonight so he can wear them somewhere out of the house…. As long as the weather is dry, because he doesn’t want to get them dirty. He is so adorable. It’s days like this when I really wish I didn’t have to go to school so I could stay home and bake him a cake –sigh- but instead we will take his parents out for some desert tonight.

So anyway, I was thinking yesterday (While watching a sitcom/drama on Netflix) about how music has a real impact on our moods and behaviors. I can think back on every milestone or challenge I had in my life and what song I was listening too.

I thought I would share my life through some music.

The first I remember was when I was little and my mother would always play 80’s music in the car (I used to get really car sick) and when she would turn on the radio in the house (usually because we were cleaning) I would get sick. I hadn’t made the connection till a little while ago but I realized that my brain was associating that music with the feeling of being car sick. And this is the song I remember the most.

“Julio” Paul Simon

Then I remember when I was a little older and decided to listen to what the kids at school were listening too (boy was that a mistake) and this is what it was.

Brittnay spears “One more time”

Then when I was a little older I started branching out and listening to what I found on my own

Fall out boy “sugar we’re going down swinging”

Then I went through a country phase and this was my favorite song

Brad Paisley “Tics”

Then when I had my first heart break cause the guy I liked started dating someone else

Taylor Swift “Should’ve said no”

Then when I met my husband

Big and rich “Lost in this moment with you”

I don’t really have a song right now but I think it’s interesting how music can get right into out heads and make us feel a certain way intensify a feeling we are already having

thanks  for reading and listenting. I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my weird and crazy mind.

Well that’s jane’s crazy thought for the day.

Signing off.