First Something Crafty!

For the first ‘Something Crafty’ post I thought I’d share a cute paper flower I found on pinterest here. I thought they were super cute and I have been on a sort of paper/fabric flower frenzy lately. Of course being me I had to find a cheaper/faster/easier, way to make them. So here is my version (Which is very similar) but make sure you visit her site to see the original.

First, cut 4 circles from cardstock, it can be any color I just happened to be fond of pink (if you haven’t noticed), and 4 circles from newspaper. The original blogger used story book pages but because I’m cheap I decided I’d recycle some old newspapers I’ve collected from school. Also when you cut the news paper make sure you get just the words on both sides, pictures can be distracting from the overall look.

Next I scalloped the edges to make them look like flowers, then I crumpled them up into little balls and flattened them back out to give them a little texture.

Next I stacked them alternating cardstock and newspaper. I added a little dot of tacky glue to hold them together until the last step.

Then I used a needle and thread to sew a button in the middle to hold all the layers together.

I thought this was super cute.

I hope you all enjoyed it.

Don’t forget to come back on friday to see my first ‘Friday Journal’